Who Are We ?

Have you ever thought of finalising a trip at your price through a bidding process? Fed up of logging in to several APPs for checking availability of different modes of travel and transport? Well, now you have that luxury of having complete mobility solution and freedom to choose with a single mobile App. We do it by embracing crowd sourced reviews from commuters and leveraging on assets of top rated commuting service providers from all mobility segments who curates and provides better excellence in customer service.

VehicleST is a smart travelling solution acting as platform connecting customers with vehicle owners, be it cabs, auto, travellers, trucks, special vehicles etc. Its unique mobile application also allows tracking, navigation and getting best prices directly from vehicle owners.

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How To Bid On App

Enter Your Location

Enter your destination point in VehicleST app or choose the pickup location as your requirement

Select Vehicle & Enter Details

Select the type of vehicle from our app, you can select for a recent ride or schedule a ride for a later date For bid enter all the details

They Bid You Choose

You can request for bid or choose your ride from list

Confirm & Enjoy Your Ride

After confirmation enjoy your trip and don't forget to rate

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Facilities Provided By VehicleST


Book online Taxi service, choose from bids. Make a cashless journey using credit/debit card.

Utility Vehicles

Online booking provided for utility vehicles such as water, gas, food truck etc. choose nearest vehicle.


Enjoy the beauty of backwaters with cashless journey using card swipe.

Auto Rikshaw

Smart auto with cashless journey using card swipe(credit/debit).


Book online Truck service and find the nearest trucks.


Book tickets from flight agencies at you own convenience, pay online.

Tourist Bus

Provides Safe, Reliable, Clean and On Time Travel Service. Book smart bus and enjoy cashless journey.

Special Vehicles

Find online special vehicles(JCB, Crain, Tractor etc.) nearest to you.

Road Assistance

Road Assistance is a 24x7 emergency service which is offered in case of breakdown of a vehicle.